Who we are

We are all
Satoshi Nakamoto

We are visionaries in a world that wants to impose a single thought.
We are free and the only chain we want is the blockchain.
We are all Satoshi Nakamoto and we are among you.

Our mission is to provide cryptocurrency enthusiasts with a seamless and innovative shopping experience for accessories and apparel inspired by Bitcoin. We have chosen to rely on Bitcoin because we believe in the power of blockchain technology to provide secure, fast, and transparent transactions.

Additionally, Bitcoin represents a decentralized global currency that enables anyone to make payments privately and without geographical restrictions. We aim to promote the adoption of Bitcoin by offering our customers the option to use them as an easy and convenient payment method for our high-quality products.

Our hope is to contribute to the growth and expansion of the Bitcoin ecosystem to counteract the increasingly illiberal drift of governments around the world.


70% Organic/Recycled

We use eco-friendly products and at least 70% of the materials are organic or recycled.


The vegan products are certified by PETA.


The inks are Kornit water-based and NeoPigment certified Oeko-Tex with AATCC4 classification for high color fastness to washing.

Save energy

We do our best to use t-shirts produced with low energy and environmental impact.
We want to save energy to dedicate it all to mining.


Buying with bitcoin here, you always save 10%


Physical Fine Art prints

In a digital world, physical Fine Art prints are very vintage, they decorate your home and office, relaxing your eyes more than your computer or cell phone screen.
Don’t give your guests a break, surround them with bitcoin even when you’re not talking about it (which we hope happens rarely).

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