FAQ about our bitcoin t-shirt, hoodies, print, accessories,  merchandise

Do I need to pay any attention to washing clothes?
It is preferable that you wash them in the following way: wash at 30°C (degrees Celsius) inside out (the design should be on the inside). Do not tumble dry. Iron inside out or place a cloth over the decoration.
Beyond the purchase cost, will I have to incur additional expenses?
It depends on the country you are in. Usually, shipping expenses are on us, but for some countries, a shipping fee will be requested which will be specified in the cart before purchase. In addition, in some cases, you may incur customs duties, whose amount we cannot predict.
Why is the discount only available with purchases in BITCOIN?

We believe in Bitcoin and want to contribute to its spread, which is why the discount is only available for purchases made with it. So spend these bitcoins! Don’t be afraid. The more we incentivize their use, the more they will return to our wallet!
And if that’s not enough, we do it because Bitcoin is democratic and doesn’t ask for different transaction fees depending on your place of residence. Whether you’re in the Americas, Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and maybe even in Antarctica, you’ll always and only pay the fees of the miners.

Why only BITCOIN, among the thousands of cryptocurrencies?

We are Bitcoin maximalists, we believe in it so much that we only want that in our wallet. We do not dismiss other cryptocurrencies, each one has its own utility (even if it was pure speculation, there is nothing wrong with it), but we prefer to focus only on Bitcoin, because only it can ensure the true decentralization that is increasingly needed.

You say you are BITCOIN maximalists, but you sell NFTs on OpenSea in Ethereum.

You are right, but the alternative is not sustainable. However, we guarantee that we will convert them instantly 😉

I need customization, can I have it?

Certainly! Send us your request either by filling out the form or to this email address and we will do everything to meet your needs. We will send you the answer with the quote for what you are asking. Please note that due to the uniqueness of the product, we invite you to carefully choose the size (see chart), as it is made only on commission, and we do not accept returns.

I would like a print with larger dimensions, how do I do it?

Write to us here, we will try to meet your needs and send you the quote.

Why don't you ship to all countries?

Unfortunately, our carriers cannot operate in every country in the world. This is a shame, because we would like a world where borders can be crossed with ease and where access to goods (especially necessities) is allowed to anyone. We want everyone to enjoy the fundamental rights of freedom and the ability to interact with anyone they want. Unfortunately, this is not the case. Although it is true that at the moment we cannot change things, it does not mean that we have to give up fighting to make these changes in the future. If you have a possible solution, please send it to

I asked for a refund and received a different number of BITCOIN (satoshi) than what I sent.

Bitcoin can be very volatile, so the value on the day of purchase can be very different from the fiat currency on the day you decide to return the merchandise. We issue refunds based on the value of the purchase in fiat currency, converted into bitcoin at the time of the return. That’s why you may receive a lower or higher number of bitcoin (satoshi) than what you spent on the purchase.

Why do t-shirts and sweatshirts smell like vinegar?

It’s perfectly normal, this is due to the fixation agent. Just wash the garment and this smell will disappear.

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